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Posted by Aonly - June 21st, 2021

Tried to draw a few more, got discouraged when they came out very poorly, but I am currently working on another and it's going okay? A simple pinup, and if it goes well I might do a drow next! Experiment a bit with more toothy expressions.


Posted by Aonly - May 9th, 2020

Update: With two projects done and one almost finished, I'm having a lot of fun drawing!

I'll be posting a part 2 of vault 68 soon. I'm not very happy with how it's coming out so far, but it's been a good learning experience. I'm very hopeful for the next four possible concepts.


A possible two-parter staring a Tian Xian (Galorian lore) explorer encountering some ghouls and being made their personal pet in a marathon r-scene. I'll be focusing a lot on the face in this one, as well as experimenting with more detailed backgrounds and oral penetration.

Untitled Face-Focused

No title yet for this one, but it'll be yet another shocked expression focused piece; I plan to use this one to really play around with the cock and make it extra terrible placing it in the foreground.

Secret Succubus?

Another one depicting oral penetration I want to do one of an unannounced/glamoured succubus being violated by a demon, the goal is to work with the expression to show almost a sense of humor and control as the fiend bides her time and toys with her prey letting it think it has won.


Posted by Aonly - May 3rd, 2020

Armed At Last!

I finally went ahead and got myself a drawing tablet (XP-PEN), and I am having a lot of fun playing with it. After a bit of research I also decided on Krita for drawing (I cannot even remotely afford Photoshop!) and have been experimenting a lot with the different tools. It is worth noting that I am a complete novice when it comes to digital art, and even shading and coloring for that matter. I have zero experience with any of it, however I have drawn a fair number of black-and-white sketches with pencil so this is all new to me! So far I am only using the pencil, Q-tip, and a few texture brushes for my new pictures (Vault 68) as I get used to the virtual medium in order to make it feel as familiar as possible.


I am likely going to do a few more face-focused pictures going forward in order to continue to experiment with the hardest part of drawing and get used to shading dynamic skin. I do want to try to experiment a bit with anime styles, and possibly redo my old posts in color; which if I do I will not be deleting or replacing them but rather posting anew so I can track my stylistic progress and see what worked and what didn't. I have completed another pencil-and-paper drawing featuring a rather larger egg which has not yet been posted, so I may try to colorize it before posting it.


Posted by Aonly - March 14th, 2019

Anticipated Contributions!

I feel strongly that there is not nearly enough sexy art featuring the Xenos and Chaotic creatures of Warhammer 40k which is rather disappointing as Warhammer has easily some of the best lore and sexiest horrors. So I am currently working on doing some pen-and-pencil drawings of such situations. I do not know how to do computer editing, or any form of coloring so my works will all be in black and white. However if someone where to wish to collaborate with me to add coloration to any of my pictures I would be happy to help and credit them in any relevant posts!

My Style and how I do it!

At best, when it comes to drawing I am a novice. I learned how to draw during my time in a trade school for fashion, meaning the majority of my training was focused on tracing models and adding clothing to demo projects. That said, often my artistic style entails photographing a live model or finding a suitable model than tracing the outlines of their figure as well as any key features (such as nipples and the general location of facial features). After which I heavily modify the initial drawing, changing the facial features to the desired visage as well as adding hair. Typically by the time I have finished a drawing the majority of the original tracing will be entirely altered or erased. Any clothing, slime, tendrils, or otherwise things besides the model character in my drawings is free handed drawn.


Posted by Aonly - December 17th, 2018

For those interested in knowing more about how I review stuff this is my process and methods.

As a disclaimer: I will be approaching my assessments from a relativistic perspective judging content on its own merits and frameworks.Otherwise I mainly look at four categories when judging NSFW content.

[Graphical] When analysing the graphics of an article I will primarily be looking for consistency, transitional quality, and any errors. The actual graphical style has no bearing on my ratings.

[Physics] How well does the article represent physics and maintain consistent physical relationships. Kinks that specifically depend upon the breaking of the laws of physics will not be penalised; however generally, a healthy representation of physics allows for a deeper connection, empathy, and immersion in erotica as a poor representation of physics can cause feelings of disturbance and unease.

[Audio] A lack of audio will not penalise a project.* Audio will be analysed on synchronization, repetitiveness, and on how well it compliments the project.

[Kink] The kinks portrayed in any given piece of art will be very individualistic analysed for portrayal, positioning, camra angling, suspense building, and gratification.

Frankly, most content that arrives on Newgrounds is going to get a fairly high rating from me since the pre-screening judgement process tends to ensures a minimum standard. With this in mind, the purpose of my reviews will be to analyse the content and offer constructive critiques on how to improve the content, or future like-content. When I give a rating below five stars, the judgement is than generally reflective of how much I feel it can realistically be improved relative to the overall art style.

In longer reviews I will add a TLDR that abridges the different quarries like-so;

*If you’re in need of voice actors I can help! I can connect you to two males capable of doing a wide diversity of voices, as well as a female actor; all of whom are more than happy to help contribute to erotic art free of charge. Of course tips are highly appreciated as it would allow our little team to afford better editing software and survival necessities. If your interested please let me know!