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Review of Reviews!

Posted by Aonly - December 17th, 2018

For those interested in knowing more about how I review stuff this is my process and methods.

As a disclaimer: I will be approaching my assessments from a relativistic perspective judging content on its own merits and frameworks.Otherwise I mainly look at four categories when judging NSFW content.

[Graphical] When analysing the graphics of an article I will primarily be looking for consistency, transitional quality, and any errors. The actual graphical style has no bearing on my ratings.

[Physics] How well does the article represent physics and maintain consistent physical relationships. Kinks that specifically depend upon the breaking of the laws of physics will not be penalised; however generally, a healthy representation of physics allows for a deeper connection, empathy, and immersion in erotica as a poor representation of physics can cause feelings of disturbance and unease.

[Audio] A lack of audio will not penalise a project.* Audio will be analysed on synchronization, repetitiveness, and on how well it compliments the project.

[Kink] The kinks portrayed in any given piece of art will be very individualistic analysed for portrayal, positioning, camra angling, suspense building, and gratification.

Frankly, most content that arrives on Newgrounds is going to get a fairly high rating from me since the pre-screening judgement process tends to ensures a minimum standard. With this in mind, the purpose of my reviews will be to analyse the content and offer constructive critiques on how to improve the content, or future like-content. When I give a rating below five stars, the judgement is than generally reflective of how much I feel it can realistically be improved relative to the overall art style.

In longer reviews I will add a TLDR that abridges the different quarries like-so;

*If you’re in need of voice actors I can help! I can connect you to two males capable of doing a wide diversity of voices, as well as a female actor; all of whom are more than happy to help contribute to erotic art free of charge. Of course tips are highly appreciated as it would allow our little team to afford better editing software and survival necessities. If your interested please let me know!