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This should be rated A.
Otherwise the line art and shading is really nice, the penis of the figure on the right does not seem to be quite centered right.

Wonderful animation, good physics. I love the incorporation of the games overtones and themes. As mentioned by others, it's too bad it lacks sound. If you need any voice actors let me know, I can I know a few looking for work, willing to do it for free.

Keep up the great work!

Brief seamless loop, very cute! Impressive attention to detail on the penis glans and oral physics.
Notes: No sound.

Hope to see more!

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A fun game with a diverse array of kinks!
The kinks included are each loosely based on the seven deadly sins; such as a scene involving one's self and another featuring somnophilla. On this note, be warned if your into more generic pairings or are exclusively interested in human on human scenes as this game may not be for you.

As for the game itself, the controls are intuitive and it has little to no bugs. Their is a minor degree of character customization and multiple endings achieved by navigating the story in differing ways that each expose you to unique content as noted in the discription.

I highly recommend this game as not only one of the oldest bust also one of the longer and higher quality games on Newgrounds!

The game freezes when you are attempting to "Do it" on the Amazon phase 3.

MrPinku responds:

Sorry, I fixed it. Now you can enjoy the "do it" scene" (but that was the wrong ending...).

Above Average.
It actually looks like sex would in real life rather then being over the top or just plain unreal. This stays true even in the more intense actions.

The only real complaint would be a nit-pick noting that the smile during climax does not hold the same realistic flow as the rest of the animations, as it is just a line. Nothing to severe however.

My only suggestion would be to keep doing what you did here!
Naturally more positions and options is nice, but you cannot rush good art.

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Welcome to Newgrounds!
Fuck Tumblr!

Steve would surely be jealous of just how much she is touching the tanks barrel.

I like monsters.

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